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If you rent your home, you still need insurance. Find out how renters insurance can protect you.

Why You Need This

You might not own your property, but you still need to protect yourself and your belongings. Whether you rent a house or an apartment, this type of shelter is important. Many renters make the mistake of relying on their landlordís insurance policy to protect them in the event of disaster. However, a landlordís policy offers grossly insufficient coverage for you and your belongings. In fact, the average renter has $20,000 worth of belongings that are not covered by the landlordís policy! That means, if disaster struck, you would be in the hole for at least $20,000. Clearly, this is not worth the risk.

About This Coverage

This type of plan is for those who rent their home, whether a house or an apartment. It protects your property against fire, vandalism, and theft. In addition, it can protect you in the event that a liability lawsuit is brought against you. For example, if you injure someone or damage someoneís property, your plan can protect you, even if the incident occurred outside of your residence. This covers events like windstorms, theft, inadvertent discharge of water, lightning damage, fire, and smoke damage. Many liability policies now include a medical payments coverage, which will pay for nonresidentsí medical expenses.

Who We Are

We can help you find the peace of mind youíre looking for at a great price. We are not an insurer; rather, we serve as a medium to match consumers with trusted carriers. Once you fill out our short, online application, we will supply you with several eatimates on policies from several major carriers. You can compare the pricing and coverages and decide which is right for you. Our format is designed to save you money because we force our trusted partners to compete for your business. Think of our site as one-stop-shopping for the best deals. Donít leave your residence in perilÖ Apply today!

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